Welcome to the Anonymous Gift Giving Service Network

What we do is we provide a platform for people to give anonymously. You can give any gift of your choice to any person of your choice, and they will never know it was you who gave it. Or, you can choose to let us give it to someone we know is in need.

We will deliver it for you. (The cost of delivery comes out of your donation if applicable.)  It can be anything- money, a car, even groceries.  You give us the money and tell us what to buy with it if you don’t simply want to give money. The choice is yours.

Or, you can simply give and leave it up to us.  Choose which person or company you want to give to and we do the rest or we give it our own list of needy people if you so wish. All we keep is 10% to run this website. 90% goes to people in need.

Types of Recommended Donations

natural disasters photo

Disaster Relief

Give anonymously to victims natural disasters, and civil unrest or war.



Give anonymously to grass root groups or students to  aid them  with tuition and books.


Water and Sanitation

Give anonymously to fund clean-water projects for people to have access to clean, safe drinking water.

huger feed the hungry


Give anonymously to feed malnourished children and help them sow and grow vegetables and roots to feed themselves.

health donation


Give anonymously to promote welfare and provide healthcare services to poor families.



Give anonymously to protect rivers, fresh water and ensure a healthy climate with clean oceans and water supply.


Animal Welfare

Give anonymously to care for animals and rescue them puppy mills, research labs, and the pet trade.

Children and Family

Children and Family

Give anonymously to fight poverty, disease, illiteracy, and hunger and for children and their families to have a better life.